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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Half Share, Full Share and beyond...

After enjoying Quarter Share so much, I quickly listened to the sequels Half Share and Full Share. They continue Ishmael Wang's career aboard the Space Clipper Lois McKendrick in rollicking fashion. Honest to goodness ripping yarns!

I was sad to complete the trilogy, buoyed only by the hope that the author, Nathan Lowell, would continue the series.

Well, this post is coming quite a while after I listened to the three stories, and it seems Mr Lowell has been busy. I was reminded to checkout the latest when I saw Podiobooks report that Nathan Lowell has taken a break from his own stories to narrate Time Crime by H. Beam Piper (iTunes downloading...)

So of course I checked out Nathan's site - The Trader’s Diary - to discover Nathan has already completed another in the Golden Age series: South Coast. And its already #3 in the Podiobooks Top Overall Ratings chart. iTunes is running hot now!


Nathan Lowell said...

I guess I really *don't* do enough to promote these, do i?

Thank you for the kind words! :)

Paul said...

Hi Nathan, good to see you drop by again!

Hopefully my blog will increase your exposure a bit. By maybe, let's say, another 20 people;-)

Halfway through South Coast now, and really enjoying it. Otto is just becoming aware of his calling, and the machinations of the market forces are being felt through the quotas but the reasons are still hidden beyond the clouds.

I hope you keep on adding to the lore of the Golden Age. Who knows? One day it will be compared to the likes of Dune or the Foundation saga!

Maybe you want to reconsider the "no derivatives" CC license and encourage fan stories too?

PS: hope you'll pick up the story from the academy onwards! And there are lots of other great side-stories possible (I'm thinking a hard-boiled PI murder mystery based on Saint Cloud orbital and the lower decks;-)